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Perfectly TaUT Facial Masque PREMIX

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The secret to the look of healthy, beautiful skin is the tone and tautness of youth. TaUT Perfectly Taut Facial Masque helps give the skin the appearance of restored elasticity while softening and refining lines and wrinkles. Reduce puffiness and lines while adding a healthy tone to the skin.

Perfectly Taut Facial Masque is an immediate face lift. Unlike most masques, this is a tightening masque. This combination of collagen, bentonite, and montmorillonite minerals creates a masque that isometrically tightens and tones the skin, invigorating surface circulation, and minimizing excess fluids that can cause puffiness.

This is the Premix Formulation: Powder Formulation and Aloe Vera Gel Treatment in a ready to use product.

Recommended Use:

Use once a week for a healthier appearance; 2 or 3 times weekly for a smoother, tauter, more youthful appearance; 4 or 5 times weekly for maximum benefit and for acne and problem skin.

Although the masque may be allowed to air-dry, it can be dried in only 10-15 minutes with a blow dryer.

Size: 4 oz.

Price: $29.95

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